Within this presentation the following topics are illustrated and discussed. How the Ancient Greeks perceived their world. The many deities worshiped by the Ancient Greeks, their individual purposes and their effect upon the everyday lives of the people. How the city of Athens was founded and the tale of how the city was named. Various aspects of their architecture highlighting the contrast between public buildings and private homes. The constellations, star patterns, the way in which they were created and used by the Ancient Greeks as a calendar, a means of navigation and as a backdrop and reminder in telling their stories. How we still use them today. The legend of the dramatic rescue of the Princess Andromeda by Perseus is told against a representation of the night sky depicting the Greek mythological characters in illustrated form.

The way that the planets and the sun were deemed to be under the influence of the Gods and a comparison of the Ancient Greek and Roman names is made.

The myths and legends of Ancient Greece are informative and entertaining and the planetarium presents these stories to the pupils in an inspiring format.