The planetarium projector accurately depicts the stars at any time of year as well as the positions of the Sun, the Moon in its’ correct phase and the major planets, all of which combine to give a startlingly realistic representation of the night sky. The presentations are aimed at two levels, KS1 and KS2, and differentiated to better suit the abilities of pupils of different ages. The content of each presentation is outlined below.

Key Stage 1 – The following areas are demonstrated and discussed using correct terminology with full explanations. The Earth, Sun and Moon are separate spherical bodies. Gravities roll and importance. The Sun is a star and shines all the time. Day and night. The Earth’s rotation and orbit, hence the length of the day and of the year. Apparent motion of the Sun, Moon and stars across the sky. How we see the Moon by reflected sunlight. The importance of the Earth as our home and the necessity of air and water to life. The points of the compass. The varying colors of the stars. Well known constellations, the pole star and their use in navigation.

Key Stage 2 – The previous points will be discussed in more detail & mature language as well as the tilt of theĀ  Earth’s axis, resulting in Seasons, the phases of the moon and the differing temperatures of the stars.

Upon request your own requirements can be met and each presentation finishes with a opportunity for the pupils to ask any questions they may have.