The Learning Dome is an inflatable 4.8m flame retardant, nylon polymer dome with an entrance tunnel and is wheelchair accessible. Installation takes approximately 25 minutes and an indoor space of 6.4m x 5.5m is required with a height of not less than 3.2m. Access to a mains power supply is also necessary.

There is a limit of 35 infants or 30 juniors that can be accommodated at any one time, this limit is set for safety reasons. The dome is not fully enclosed so an emergency exit can be effected by simply lifting the walls of the dome.

Any one of the presentations listed on our site lasts approximately 40-45 minutes. Specific school requirements can be met upon request. Additionally an interactive presentation, via this website, is available at no additional cost allowing schools to maximise the benefits of a visit from the Learning Dome. This can be downloaded by clicking here and used at the teachers discretion.

Each presentation costs £70, with no VAT or other charges applicable, there is a minimum booking fee of £210 for up to three presentations and a maximum of five presentations can be conducted in a day. Depending upon school timetable up to seven presentations per day may be possible.

The Learning Dome is available in the following geographical areas: London, Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, South Bucks, East Sussex and upon special request alternate areas can be considered.